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Creative Strategist, Digital Designer and Brand Ambassador driving impactful results across multi-channel engagements in technology and non-profit sectors, events and consumer lifestyle brands.

Marketing & Communications

My expertise in marketing and communications spans diverse industries. At SG Creative Agency, I lead end-to-end campaigns, aligning our clients' brand strategy and messaging with their business goals. At Dell Technologies, I provided strategic executive counsel, and developed and executed communication strategies that drove growth and helped deliver on critical business objectives.

Web Design

For over twenty years, I've been creating visually stunning and user-friendly digital experiences. Whether it's designing e-commerce platforms at Mouser Electronics or optimizing user experience for businesses and non-profit organizations, my goal is to blend creativity with functionality to captivate and engage users effortlessly.


I spearhead multi-channel campaigns, crafting brand identities that leave a lasting impression and ensure adherence to branding standards. With a keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling, I elevate my clients' and partner' brands through strategic positioning and creative direction.

Social Media

Both personally and professionally, I've navigated the dynamic social media landscape with finesse and innovation for over 15 years. For my clients, I've crafted digital strategies to maximize engagement, tailoring messaging for different platforms and audiences. My approach fosters authentic connections and drives brand awareness.

Enterprise Event Management

With adept proficiency over the last 6 years, I've excelled in leading enterprise-level events through comprehensive utilization of the Cvent software. My expertise spans across registration, marketing, communications, supplier and exhibitor management, report delivery, mobile app development, and ensuring seamless event delivery for in-person and hybrid conferences.



SG Creative Agency

Directs the deployment of sophisticated multi-channel marketing and communications initiatives, streamlining campaign analysis and refinement. My role encompasses converting business goals into strategic marketing actions and supervising the creation of brand-aligned content for digital channels and websites. I cultivate strategic media partnerships, manage event logistics via Cvent, and lead multi-channel marketing efforts. Additionally, I conduct thorough audits to enhance communications strategies and oversee the development of creative assets, including video content.

Executive Communications Manager
Dell Technologies

As a member of the Client Product Group (CPG) leadership team, I developed and executed a comprehensive communication strategy for the CPG President, enhancing engagement across 3,500 global team members to achieve alignment and adoption of the annual strategy cascade. My role involved translating business strategies into effective 360-degree communications plans and presentations, internally promoting product launches, drafting keynotes, scripts and talk tracks, managing organization-wide correspondence, and leading both internal and external initiatives including town halls, all-hands, ERG talks and executive/partner panels. I also collaborated on organizational updates, moderated events, and contributed to major cross-functional projects, leveraging SharePoint, Poppulo, social media and other platforms to maximize reach and impact.

UI Web Designer
Mouser Electronics

Engineered user-focused e-commerce platforms, leveraging customer interaction data to refine the user experience. My work involved crafting wireframes, mockups, and detailed documentation to delineate interface components, user interactions, and design aesthetics.

Multi-faceted marketing skills & creative approach

Here’s a quick look at the skills I’ve picked up over the last 25 years. It’s a mix of what I’m passionate about and what I do best, all gathered from real-world experiences and a never-ending desire to learn. Take a peek to see how I can contribute to our next big project.

Web Design
Brand Strategy
Executive Communications
Social Media Strategy
Creative Direction & Design
Cvent Software Management

Web Work

Brand Partners and Projects

Small Business Solutions Campaign
Manna Juice Bar
Product Ambassador
Experiential Marketing
A Collection of Recipes Created by Dallas’ Top Chefs
Contributing Pastry Chef

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Summer has consistently provided our team with a great experience. Her expertise in communications consistently exceed our expectations and expanded our reach and connections with those we served. Her preparation, personalization and commitment to excellence has been a key contributor to our overall success.

Pastor Bryan L. Carter
Concord Church & E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference

Simply put, Summer's work is AMAZING! She made it easy for me to get all the ideas I had in my head out and she translated them into amazing political branding packages for two election campaigns I was beyond proud of.

Her design work is nothing short of masterful!

Mayor Rachel Proctor
City of DeSoto, Texas

I needed someone to put together a professional website for Perot Jain in a timely manner. Summer impressed me with her ability to quickly grasp what I needed and being ready to execute immediately. She brought her expertise to bear by recommending design ideas that I had overlooked.

Joe Beard
Venture Capital Partner, Perot Jain

Summer is first class in my book. The attention to detail, the understanding of the assignment followed by flawless execution makes SGCA my go-to organization for future marketing and design endeavors.

Anthony Fisher
Founder, iSee Virtual

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I am always looking for new inspiration in the clients and collaborations I pursue. If you think I've got the spark to ignite your project, message me and let's make something together!